Parts included in the delivery

Honkamajat log houses are delivered according to customer wishes, ranging from a log frame to a complete set of wooden components. A log frame delivery only contains the logs and the materials belonging to the log structure. A complete delivery contains the log frame and materials, wooden construction materials, as well as ready-fitted doors and windows.

The windows, doors and staircases are supplied from the high-quality and versatile product ranges of our cooperation partners.

From the plant to finished buildings
Transports are an essential part of our delivery. We want the construction elements to arrive on schedule, undamaged and clean, which is why we have chosen well-known and reliable transportation companies as our partners. They deliver our products to their destination safely and inexpensively.

If a Honkamajat delivery must be stored before the house is erected, it is important to arrange sufficient ventilation and protection for the timber bundles in order to preserve their quality. Weather protection for opened packages during construction, as well as careful handling of timber goods, also help to preserve the high quality of products.