Log buildings for nearly 50 years

The history of Honkamajat dates back to 1963, when the hewing of log constructions began in the current location in Oulu. In 1971, the plant launched industrial manufacture of log buildings. The company has operated under its current name, Oy Honkamajat Finland Ltd, since 1995. Long experience and solid expertise in log construction help us adapt to future challenges.

Export to over 30 countries
Over 98 per cent of the goods produced by Honkamajat are currently exported. We have delivered log buildings to more than 30 countries. Our products come under numerous requirements due to a variety of conditions and country-specific regulations. Because of this, it is vital to our operations that we develop technical solutions that satisfy these requirements.

Oulu, our home town
The Honkamajat plant is located in Oulu, historically known for tar burning, sawmills and lively trade. Today, Oulu is a rapidly growing, youthful city of universities and technology. It continues to provide up-to-date education in the wood industry to ensure that its long traditions remain alive. Oulu has good and fast transport connections. The port enables sea transports, while good road connections secure ground transportation. Oulu also has good air connections through Helsinki to the rest of the world. What is more, our plant is close to the slowly growing northern woods, which provide our main raw material.