Ecological construction material

During its growth, wood does not pollute the environment but instead renews it. Wood is a non-toxic, recyclable natural product. Making logs into construction material consumes considerably less fossil fuel than the production of, for example, brick, plastic or steel. Honkamajat takes environmental matters into consideration at every design and production phase and makes full use of its wood raw material.

Log is the best construction option in terms of the atmospheric carbon balance. Wood products have a long life cycle, and the energy inputs into production are small. What is more, wooden products can be recycled for bioenergy at the end of their life cycle and they can be used to replace particularly emission-intensive goods.
(Source: Suomen Hirsiteollisuus ry, Hirsiseinän ympäristövaikutusten laskenta elinkaaritarkastelun avulla (”Calculation of the environmental impact of a log wall using life cycle assessment”), Martti Alasaarela 2009.)

Energy-saving living
Honkamajat log homes offer energy-efficient living conditions. Log walls, with their good thermal insulation, along with modern structural solutions form the foundation for the energy-efficiency of Honkamajat log houses.

In addition, strict adherence to guidelines during the construction phase and attention to insulation and tightness, in particular, further improve the energy-efficiency of Honkamajat log houses.