Log makes for an individual home

The structural features of Honkamajat log houses are in a class of their own. Honkamajat continuously develops its structural solutions, which combine traditional log construction and the latest technology. The design-protected Tiivishirsi structure, for example, has proved to be the tightest log wall on the market in tests conducted by VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland.

The durability of log structures and the shapeability of wood offer a solid foundation for individual and flexible design. A Honkamajat log house can be designed to fully satisfy the customer’s needs without having to compromise on quality, durability and energy-efficiency.

Honkamajat has a new production line, which enables work on many different types of joints. For example, log walls no longer need to be joined at a right angle, but can also be connected obliquely. The line also enables the production of modern square corners and dovetail joints, which give the house a unique look.