Can I plan the use of space in my own log house?
Absolutely. In fact, it often provides a good starting point for our experienced designers. We help you select the best solutions. This gets us quickly to a product that satisfies customer needs and expectations, as expressed. Log is a rewarding construction material, since it makes technical solutions easy to implement in various ways.

I am buying my first log house. How difficult is it to erect the building?
A log house is relatively easy to erect thanks to the detailed instructions supplied with the package, but we still recommend using professionals for the process. If required, our cooperation partners will handle the whole erection and finishing process, according to your wishes – even as a turnkey project.

Where can I find ideas for log construction?
Honkamajat offers an extensive catalogue of its models, which can be adapted in numerous ways. In addition, ideas and operating solutions found in trade magazines or, say, in nature, can also be implemented. Just let us know what you want and we will design it.

How do I plan the construction site, storage of construction materials and other use of space for work to proceed sensibly?
We have a great deal of experience in these issues and supply simple and straightforward instructions with the delivered package. Just follow them and everything will run smoothly. The most important thing to keep in mind is to protect the construction materials from humidity, dirt and ground moisture. Great care must be taken in the storage of interior decoration materials, such as boards and panels, as well as doors and windows.

What is included in the construction package?
The content varies depending on customer wishes, but our most common delivery consists of a complete set of wooden elements, including ready-fitted doors and windows.

How should surface treatment be carried out?
Surface treatment – both on the inside and outside – is best done as soon as possible after assembly. There are numerous good surface treatment agents. Their features vary depending on the humidity and temperature conditions in each country. This is why we suggest you make use of local expertise when selecting surface treatment for wood products. The surface treatment agent must protect the log wall against environmental strain, but must not form an impermeable film on the surface of the log.

We want to build a summer cottage that is habitable all year round, and may move there permanently in the future. How should these matters be taken into consideration at the design phase?
This is a possible option. Take it up at the beginning of the design phase. The most important aspects that need to be taken into account are the use of space and sufficient thermal insulation. We offer expert solutions for these needs.

How is the settling of logs taken into consideration?
Each individual log shrinks a few millimetres over time, which leads to the entire construction settling a few centimetres. The phenomenon can be kept in check with the right technical solutions. Settling is taken into account, for example, by making allowance above vertical, non-settling structures, such as doors, windows, and frame interior walls. If required, tongued jambs are used at the junctions of wall and roof structures.